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Seal Rocks Region
Big Seal Rock PDF Print E-mail

The Eastern Gutter.. aka sharks lounge room. If sharks are your thing then you have come to the right place. At times there can be up to 70 Grey Nurse sharks in the gutter, not to mention the ones that you don’t see (The ones that are watching you). To be part of this incredible and totally natural event will blow you away! The best place to observe the sharks would be at the South East end of the gutter, just at the front of the cave. As the gutter runs from a high North East point dropping down towards the South East end, it creates a ramp like structure which the sharks like to ’parade’ down. It’s a phenomenal site, one not to be missed!

Little Seal Rock PDF Print E-mail

Little Seal Rock.. The Grey Nurse Sharks Sanctuary. . . . Little Seal Rock is one of Seal Rocks most renowned shark dive sites as it's not uncommon to see aggregations of 20-30 sharks on a single dive. There is a small gutter in one side of the rock where you will undoubtedly see the sharks ‘hangout.’ Its like a small version of the sharks lounge room at Big Seal Rock. At the right time of year, you may even see the Grey Nurse Sharks’ brand new pups in this gutter. But be aware you must never enter the gutter, particularly at this time of year, as sharks are very territorial.

Skeleton Rock PDF Print E-mail

A brilliant Boat dive.. Skeleton Rock is a popular dive in the Seal Rocks area. trust me its worth it a trip out, You can see just about anything on this dive... there is a small population of Grey Nurse Sharks living around the rock.

SS Satara PDF Print E-mail

The wreck of the SS Satara...The SS Satara was a 410ft coastal trader ship built in December 1901 by W.Denny & Bros, Scotland.
On the morning of Wednesday April 10th 1910, she struck the Edith Breaker whilst passing through Seal Rocks, on her way to Brisbane. She now lies between the Edith Breaker and Seal Rocks in 44 metres of water, resting on her keel. Over the years she has deteriorated and is quite spread out over the sea floor so you will need to do several dives to have explored the full length of the ship.

SS Catterthun PDF Print E-mail

The wreck of the SS Catterthun....The SS Catterthun is a very unique piece of Australian Maritime History. Built in England in 1881, she was one of the first Australian ships to have electricity! The SS Catterthun was carrying a cargo of gold onboard when she went down on the night of August 8th 1895. This 92.5 metre vessel struck a reef situated behind Little Seal Rock and is now lying on a sandy bottom in 55- 60 metres of water.  It is said that there is still gold onboard the SS Catterthun, with only 7 of the 10 boxes of gold coins being recovered in a salvage operation that took place less than a year after she sank. This once majestic vessel has been surprisingly well preserved considering she has spent more than 100 years in her watery grave, with most of her body still perfectly intact.