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Forster Region
The Pinnacles PDF Print E-mail

The Pinnacle… A mind blowing experience! As you descend  the mooring line, massive schools of bait fish part, creating a funnel like passage to allow you through; huge Yellowtail King fish glide past with pride and resident Giant Black Rays swoop over head. The Pinnacle is a massive rock formation lying ‘smack-bang’ in the middle of the ocean and being one of the most unique dive sites in the whole of NSW, it is guaranteed that no two dives here are ever the same!

The Barge PDF Print E-mail

The deep, dark, home to the sharks! Imagine.. An old rubbish Barge lying on the sand in the depths of the ocean, It’s as dark as night, you’ve entered a mysterious, silent world and for the first few minutes of your dive, you are unknowingly surrounded by Sharks. This is the Barge, the most popular shark dive in the Forster/Tuncurry area because it is not uncommon to see 35 to 40 Grey Nurse Sharks in the one dive! The resident Grey Nurse Sharks at the Barge are very curious and not afraid to come close and check you out, which allows divers to get a very close look at the beautiful creatures and the perfect opportunity to take some awesome photos.

Idol Bay PDF Print E-mail

Idol Bay…The dive that’s filled with adventure. . . . Idol Bay has by far, the widest variety of marine life out of any other dive site in the Forster region with every nook and cranny being home to a different kind of sea creature. Loggerhead Turtles huddle in close to the bommies to sleep, Blue Gropers eagerly follow you throughout the whole dive, hoping you will break open a Sea Urchin for them to eat, Moray eels watch you closely from the safety of their holes and Pineapple Fish hide in small crevasses on the underside of the bommies along with the Red Line Shrimp.

The Bait Grounds PDF Print E-mail

A nice little dive close to home. The Bait Grounds are a beautiful dive, close to home and accessible for all types of diving whether it be boat diving, shore diving, or snorkeling for all our non-divers out there. Situated in average 9 metres of water, The Bait Grounds is a reef that extends about 75 metres along and 20 metres wide. The kelp covered reef is home to an amazing array of sea life including Red Line Cleaner Shrimp that hide in the small undercuts on the south side of the reef, Morey eels by the hundreds, Wobbygong sharks that sleep in amongst the kelp, massive schools of baitfish (hence the name “The Bait Grounds”) and the odd Grey Nurse Sharks just to name a few. Along the Southern side of the reef, about half way up, there is a beautiful big sponge which in certain times of the year, is home to the Southern Rock Lobster. A dive everyone should give a go!

One Mile Gutters PDF Print E-mail

A nice little dive. One Mile Gutters is a nice little dive, good for beginners through to  advanced divers. The dive site is made up of kelp covered reef that forms a series of gutters, where you can just about see anything! Large schools of squid cruising past at only 3 metres in depth, Port Jackson Sharks and their egg casings bound to the kelp on the bottom, schools of baitfish, Stingrays, Southern Eagle Rays (otherwise known as Bull rays) Morey eels, many other species of pelagic and even the occasional Grey Nurse Sharks.

Latitude Rock PDF Print E-mail

The amount of marine life here needs to be seen to be believed! This dive site is made up of a series of gutters that run parallel to Latitude Rock creating a set of ‘maze like’ pathways for you to explore. The kelp covered reef slopes down to about 12 metres in depth and is home to a number of sea creatures such as Redline Shrimp, small Crayfish, and small rock-dwelling fish. Resident Blue Groper follow closely behind hoping to catch a feed (the rocky ledges are packed with sea urchins, perfect for feeding the Groper). If you are lucky enough, you might find a Loggerhead Turtle sleeping in the undercuts of the rock. Moray eels peek out of their holes and watch closely as you swim by, Wobbygong sharks rest on the bottom in amongst the kelp, Butterfly Cod float past, schools of Minnows and Catfish swarm like bees in their own little world. A great dive for beginners right up to the advanced diver.

The Colours PDF Print E-mail

“Fulla Fish” The Colours are three bommies that are home to an amazing amount of different species of fish life, hence the name the ‘Colours’.This dive is particularly good for people who enjoy an easy, shallow dive with the main attraction being the ridiculously large amount of sea life living in and amongst the bommies, including Loggerhead Turtles, Wobbygong, Crayfish, Stingrays, Morey eels, Groper, Starfish and Sea Urchins by the hundreds just to name a few.

Haydens Rock PDF Print E-mail

Haydens Rock .. The ’cruisiest’ dive around town. . . . Haydens Rock is a large rocky outcrop situated between Pebbly Beach and Forsters’ Main Beach, approximately 150 metres off the headland. This dive site is very good for the beginner diver right up to the very advanced diver. Haydens Rock is home to an array of marine life including numerous amounts of species of small tropical fish, which come and go at different times throughout the year. Blue Groper, Moray eels, Stingrays, Southern Eagle Rays (otherwise known as Bull Rays). You might even see small Pufferfish if you look in the undercuts of the reef, along with the Banded Shrimp, and other small crayfish species. This dive is also known to have Loggerhead Turtles sleeping in the undercuts from time to time, so keep your eye out for them!

Bennetts Head Bommy PDF Print E-mail

A nice little dive both day and night. Bennett’s Head Bommy is a great little dive that is close to home. Although close to shore, it is mainly done as a boat dive. Being only ten metres deep, you have a long bottom time which is great because you need the time to be able to explore the entire site. The reef extends about 80 metres along the ocean floor and the Bommy stands on the ocean floor and extends up above the surface of the water. There are a series of gutters throughout this dive, that are made up of large, kelp covered rock walls. If you get in close and look beneath the kelp, you will find hundreds of different species of rock dwelling fish and small crustaceans.

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